Le Moulin de Sévoux

From October 2016 you will be welcomed by Loes and Cees De Leeuw

History of the Mill

Nestled deep in the hidden countryside,
at Moulin de Sévoux you can breath the pure air and relax in peace.

Originally a mill beside a small river; idyllicly situated with its old willow tree and high poplars that rustle beside the river.

  • 1482: The mill's history began.
  • 1809: Producing 2 quintals (200 kg) of flour daily, the building was extended around 1839.
  • It was then used as a wiredrawer (mill of iron) and in 1863 as a flour mill again.
  • Construction was reported around 1879, producing 1000kg of flour by 1888 intill production ceased in 1909.

The present owners have transformed the mill, retaining a traditional charm mixed with modern into a 4 bedroomed Chambre d'hôtes.